Real Estate Services Offered


K3 Investments is able to objectively analyze a property's strengths and weaknesses and strategize accordingly.  These top-notch negotiating skills are what keep the long-term clients coming back.    


K3 Investments takes pride in providing clients with both timely and reliable analysis.  High ethical standards and in-depth due diligence are adhered to whether the assignment involves a single-family residence or a large scale investment-grade portfolio.


K3 Investments has undertaken a number of unusual and challenging consulting assignments over the years.   Clients have indicated that a brokers mindset, grounded in a solid valuation background, is an ideal combination to produce credible results. 

Litigation Support

Counsel has sought the litigation support services of K3 Investments on numerous occasions. Ms. Kearney's due diligence and testimony were pivotal in winning a $1.5M judgment in a jury trial involving both residential and investment properties.


The owner of K3 Investments, Kim Kearney, has extensive experience with numerous property types. Her diverse background in real estate services, including litigation support, brokerage, consultation, and appraisal, provides a unique and insightful perspective when speaking with audiences.