K3 Investments: Consulting, Brokerage, & Valuation Services
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Background Information

Services Offered

K3 Investments has extensive experience in sales, asset valuation, leasing, strategic planning, transaction analysis, and negotiations. Our knowledge acquired over the past twenty-five years enables K3 Investments to provide a wide range of specialized consultation, brokerage, and valuation services to our clientele. 

Our experience with various property types enhances our ability to assist clients with a wide-variety of issues. Our expertise in property types includes commercial, industrial, acreage, multi-family, and single-family.

Brokerage and consulting assignments include due diligence, arbitration, lease renewals, renegotiations, site acquisitions and dispositions, lease abstracts, leasing, market studies, and site inspections.

Valuation assignments are used for project feasibility, underwriting purposes, assessment appeals, reviews, mediation, highest and best use studies, arbitration, eminent domain proceedings, litigation support, charitable contributions, marital dissolutions, and estate matters.

The firm's experience conducting nationwide Internet surveys and on-site focus groups, for both government agencies and private entitites, is beneficial to clients in evaluating their efficiency and effectiveness, both internally and in the marketplace.

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